The Independence II safely helps patients toilet at home - bedside or bathroom - without lifting assistance from family or caregivers

Home/After Care

LiftSeat Independence IILiftSeat® is an important component of a comprehensive after-care program for patients once they are discharged from a hospital or sub-acute facility. By supporting the sit-to-stand motion path required for toileting, LiftSeat® makes it possible to toilet bedside or in the bathroom without lifting assistance from a family member or other caregiver. This increased safety and independence makes LiftSeat® a viable, permanent powered toilet lift solution for the home bathroom.

  • Help ensure full recovery
  • Help people stay in their home longer
  • Reduces chance for a patient fall
  • Prevents injury to caregiver helping
  • Provide independence and dignity
  • Can be used over-the-toilet or as a powered bedside commode

LiftSeat® powered toilet lifts were originally developed as professional products for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care, skilled nursing facilities and other institutions. LiftSeat® now offers a powered toilet lift for home use. Individuals can buy the Independence II directly from LiftSeat. For more information on how LiftSeat® can support a home after care program, please contact us.

A Medicaid Benefit

LiftSeat is a benefit of Medicaid in several states when prescribed by a doctor. Please contact LiftSeat or your local dealer for more information.

LiftSeat® is a benefit of Texas Medicaid as procedure code J-E0172. Minnesota, Nebraska and Colorado also provide a Medicaid benefit. Additional states may cover the powered toilet seat lift mechanism.

Contact us for more information or request a follow-up call.

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