Broadcasted Webinar-Managing the Challenges of Toileting the Patient of Size-Presented March 26th & 28th

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Helping bariatric patients with toileting when their mobility is limited is a significant challenge to nurses, staff and patients. The risk of a patient fall or caregiver injury is high without the proper support.

In this 45-minute webinar, Susan Gallagher, Ph.D., RN, director of the Celebration Institute, will explore the challenges of obesity and toileting. The issue of toileting patients of size transcends every practice setting…acute, sub-acute, home care and the practitioner’s office. Failure to acknowledge theses challenges can lead to a number of clinical events, including falls, incontinence, Fournier's gangrene and intertrigo.

Ms. Gallagher will also discuss a relatively new technology, the LiftSeat powered toilet lift, as a meaningful solution to a number of clinical and economic challenges related to toileting bariatric patients.


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