How much does it cost?

LiftSeat comes in 3 models with various features and accessories customized for each individual's weight, height and physical needs. You can get a custom price quote in minutes by clicking here and filling out this short form.

Will it fit in my bathroom space?

Yes, we fit 98% of bathroom spaces! Our Independence II unit is 22 inches wide and will fit in the tightest bathroom spaces. We recommend measuring from the center of your toilet (not the outside edge) to the nearest wall or obstruction. If the dimension is greater than 12 inches from the centerline of your existing toilet to the nearest wall or obstruction, the LiftSeat will fit your bathroom space.

Can I return the unit if it doesn’t work for me?

Yes! We give you 15 days to evaluate the performance of the LiftSeat in the comfort of your own home. If for any reason, you are not satisfied or it will not work for your specific needs, the unit can be returned as long as the unit has not been used for toileting and the safety seal is intact. Read more about the specifics here

Does Medicare or other insurance cover LiftSeat?

Medicare does not cover the HCPCS Durable Medical Equipment Code E-0172 (powered toilet seat lift).  However, some secondary policies or private insurance companies (e.g., BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, etc.) may cover HCPCS Code E-0172 when prescribed by a physician. Check with your provider to see if they cover E-0172 and what paperwork would be needed to cover your powered toilet lift. You may also contact LiftSeat and a representative can help walk you through pursuing insurance reimbursement. If you are a military veteran and receive veteran medical benefits from the VA Health System, the VA does purchase LiftSeats for veterans.

Is LiftSeat easy to install?

Installing LiftSeat couldn't be easier. The toilet lift stands securely over your toilet WITHOUT attaching to the bowl or relying on your fixture for support.

Can the lift be adjusted to accommodate different heights? How much will it lift me?

The lift height is a very important consideration. Ideal seating height is dependent on an individual’s height, so shorter people will need lifts that begin at a lower position and taller people will need to make their lifts being at a higher position. The LiftSeat Independence 1 has one of the lowest available seating heights at 17 inches. The height of LiftSeat units can also be adjusted up to 8” (for a maximum raised position of up to 35" from the floor) and modified even further with adjustable feet as needed.

Is the lift portable?

Portability is a great feature for individuals who may need to use their lift bedside. LiftSeat toilet lifts are portable and have locking wheel options to accommodate traveling, as well as an inexpensive commode bucket option for bedside use conversion. 

Can you add a bidet to the lift?

For individuals that need assistance cleaning after using the toilet, a bidet maximizes independence. LiftSeat is the only toilet lift that can accommodate a washing bidet.  

Can the lift be modified after purchase?

Knowing exactly what you need from a toilet lift (and how your needs are going to evolve over time) before you purchase is challenging. Often, people will use a toilet lift for a week or two, and then realize that a few small modifications need to be made. LiftSeat is the most customizable power toilet lift currently on the market. All LiftSeat accessories can be added at any time, so you can continue customizing your unit as your needs change.

Is the toilet lift manufactured in the USA?

LiftSeat is manufactured right here in the US. This means that it’s easier to get in touch with customer service and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. All LiftSeat products are also FDA-registered medical devices, so they are manufactured under the strictest safety standards. 

What is the Warranty?

LiftSeat offers a 2 year warranty on the mechanical system which mimics the sit to stand motion with a 1 year warranty on all electronic components such as the hand pendant, control box, and motor.  Read more about the specifics here.

Ready to get started with LiftSeat?

The most common feedback we here from users is "I wish I had gotten a LiftSeat sooner". We are proud of how our products are helping people get their independence and dignity back. Order yours now, learn more, or give us a call at 877-665-4381 to speak to one of our team members who can help find the perfect LiftSeat for you.