Common Configurations

LiftSeat can be customized to fit any user in any environment. We offer a number of options and accessories to maximize your comfort and ease-of-use. Below are a few of our most common configurations. Give us a call at 877-665-4381 or email us at to speak to one of our team members who can help find the perfect LiftSeat for you.

Image of Liftseat with height extenders

Independence IV with raised seating and height extenders 

Image of Liftseat with bidet

Independence II with Electric Wash Bidet

Image of Liftseat with padded seat

Independence I with padded seat

Image of Liftseat with locking wheels

Independence II with Locking Wheels

Image of Liftseat with bidet and height extenders

Independence IV with Electric Wash Bidet and Raised Seat Height Extenders


LiftSeat is the the only toilet lift with an optional electric bidet, allowing for hands-free cleaning. Now users can experience a complete 'sit, clean, stand' functionality, even with limited mobility. Watch the video below to see it in action!


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This product does exactly what it claims to do. I purchased it for a friend who has had increasing difficulty getting up off his toilet due to weakness in his legs. The seat lift will enable him to be maintained in his home for years to come.


I have worked with two key people at LiftSeat. In both cases I found each individual’s primary interest in listening to my needs and providing the right solution - which they have flawlessly accomplished. 5-star people, 5-star product.

Reed Harris

The company is very professional and came through just like they said they would.

Jack Luster

A well designed, well thought out product. Solid as a rock!

Rex Finley

The LiftSeat has reduced 90% of my anxiety with my muscle disease

John B.