The Complete Toileting Solution

Every LiftSeat is powered by our patented LiftTek Core Assistive Technology to support the sit-to-stand (STS) motion path required for getting on and off the toilet. LiftTek was developed in hospitals and long-term care facilities through ground-breaking research and product development. We focused on the bio-mechanics, kinematics and human factors related to toileting, to create the ultimate technology for both home and institutional use. 

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  • ISO Certified and FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility
  • UL listed Electronics (waterproof and particle proof)
  • No pinch points occur – does not have two surfaces closing on one another
  • Handle bars move with the unit – no possibility of a pinch point occurring
  • Does not touch the toilet tank – can’t break toilet rendering the user on the floor
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Easy to install and use
  • Free standing over the toilet
  • Eliminates the possibility of knocking the toilet of the wax ring
  • Can be used both over the toilet or as a bedside commode
  • Installation takes less than 20 minutes
  • Comes 98% assembled
  • Simple two-button hand pendant controls
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  • Accommodates all body sizes
  • All bodies weren’t built alike so LiftSeat has different models and accessories to fit different sizes
  • Products that lift up to 315 and 450 pounds
  • Seating surface lifts between 27" to 35" to accommodate users of all heights
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A perfect fit

At only 21.5 - 23 inches wide, LiftSeat fits 99% of bathrooms in the US.

Usable as a bedside Commode

Locking wheels, back rests, and drop-in buckets are available to maximize portability inside and outside the home.

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Accessories like electric washing bidets, padded toilet seats, and foot pedal remotes ensure that your Lift-Seat will be customized for your physical needs and preferences.

Sit, Clean, Stand

LiftSeat is the only toileting solution with full sit, clean, and stand functionality. Now you can enjoy the dignity of independent toileting without the need for excess caregiver support.

LiftSeat Accessories help support users as their disease state progresses

LiftSeat big button controller and footswitch

The big button hand controller makes it easier for individuals with limited finger mobility to operate their LiftSeat. For individuals with little to no upper body mobility, the footswitch provides a convenient solution for the user or caregiver.

backrest, locking wheels and commode bucket

For bedside usage, locking casters help keep the LiftSeat in place. We also recommend a backrest for additional comfort and convenience outside of the bathroom environment.

liftseat retractable handlebar

Retractable handlebars are comptible with all Independence models, allowing for an easy side transfer.

Power Toilet Lift Comparison Guide

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Made in the USA

Looking for a quality toilet lift that will provide you with years of reliable use? Unlike most of our competitors, we build every LiftSeat ourselves with care and quality right here in the USA. 

Our American-made lifts are designed and manufactured in an ISO certified Medical manufacturing facility registered with the FDA, so you can be sure you're getting a product that will meet the needs of yourself or your healthcare facilities requirements.

With our years of experience as the leader in toilet lifts and our uncompromising commitment to quality, we stand behind every product with our satisfaction guarantee.

Want help finding the perfect LiftSeat for you? give us a call at 877-665-4381 or email us by clicking the button below: 

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A well designed, well thought out product. Solid as a rock!

Rex Finley

The company is very professional and came through just like they said they would.

Jack Luster

I have worked with two key people at LiftSeat. In both cases I found each individual’s primary interest in listening to my needs and providing the right solution - which they have flawlessly accomplished. 5-star people, 5-star product.

Reed Harris

A wonderful experience for a wonderful product.  Rick completely understood my need for a vertical lift adjustment, and also understood my height requirements.  He answered all my questions, and never pressured me into making a decision.  After a month of use, I could not be more pleased, and would highly recommend LiftSeat.


This product does exactly what it claims to do. I purchased it for a friend who has had increasing difficulty getting up off his toilet due to weakness in his legs. The seat lift will enable him to be maintained in his home for years to come.


Worth the money to maintain independence for my husband with Inclusive Body Myositis. He is unable to use tilt forward so they accommodated us by adding vertical lift.

Trusted customer
Picture of LiftSeat model 450 for healthcare

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