Who We Help

Who We Help

LiftSeat products are ideal for a range of neuromuscular conditions, severe arthritis, or elderly adults who want to age safely in their home.
Our powered toilet lifts have successfully been used by thousands of individuals suffering from various mobility issues

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When is LiftSeat needed?

Find out if LiftSeat is right for you based on your medical condition and it’s severity. 

Caregiver helping a person cross the street
Fully ambulatory, may use assistive device for walking

Adequate upper body and quadriceps strength (i.e. recovering from acute injury, surgery, early stage neuromuscular disease like MD or Limb-Girdle)

person walking with a walker device
Fully ambulatory and uses assistive devide for walking - possible assisted transfer

Moderate upper body and weakened quadriceps strength (i.e. mid stage MS, Myositis, Myopathy, muscular dystrophy, ALS)

caregiver helping person walk to a table
Assisted transfer (pivot transfer) to mobile device wheelchair

Poor upper body and quadriceps strength (i.e. mid to late state neuromuscular disease like ALS or MD)

caregiver sitting next to person in a wheelchair
Full Assist Required

Poor coordination, poor upper body and quadriceps strength (i.e. spastic CP or late stage Becker's MD)

Not having to ask for help in the bathroom is a godsend

Clifford D.

The LiftSeat has reduced 90% of my anxiety with my muscle disease

John B.

A well designed, well thought out product. Solid as a rock!

Rex Finley

The company is very professional and came through just like they said they would.

Jack Luster

I have worked with two key people at LiftSeat. In both cases I found each individual’s primary interest in listening to my needs and providing the right solution - which they have flawlessly accomplished. 5-star people, 5-star product.

Reed Harris

A wonderful experience for a wonderful product.  Rick completely understood my need for a vertical lift adjustment, and also understood my height requirements.  He answered all my questions, and never pressured me into making a decision.  After a month of use, I could not be more pleased, and would highly recommend LiftSeat.

Various Medical Conditions we Assist

Here are a few of the conditions that LiftSeat has helped improve a customer’s quality of life. Not sure if we can help you? Contact us to learn more!

Find out if LiftSeat  is right for you based on medical condition and severity of condition.

Ready to get started with LiftSeat?

The most common feedback we here from users is "I wish I had gotten a LiftSeat sooner". We are proud of how our products are helping people get their independence and dignity back. Order yours now or learn more, by selecting an option below.