Why LiftSeat?

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  • ISO Certified and FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility
  • UL listed Electronics (waterproof and particle proof)
  • No pinch points occur – does not have two surfaces closing on one another
  • Handle bars move with the unit – no possibility of a pinch point occurring
  • Does not touch the toilet tank – can’t break toilet rendering the user on the floor


  • Free standing over the toilet
  • Eliminates the possibility of knocking the toilet of the wax ring
  • Can be used both over the toilet or as a bedside commode

Human Factors

  • Accommodates all body sizes
  • All bodies weren’t built alike so LiftSeat has different models and accessories to fit different sizes
  • Products that lift up to 315 and 450 pounds
  • Lifting the seat to height of between 28” and 35” fitting the range of user height

LiftSeat Provides Maximum Utility

We know that every individual is made differently and has different needs based on medical conditions, size and other factors. In addition, we know that every individual's preferences are different as well. With the core product always providing the ultimate in safety, we tailor other features so that you can get the most personalized experience possible. Click here to find the LiftSeat that is perfect for your needs.


Small footprint fits even the tightest bathroom spaces

At only 21.5 inches wide, LiftSeat fits 99% of bathrooms in the US.

Can be used over the toilet or as a bedside commode

Locking wheels, rechargeable battery packs and drop-in buckets are available to maximize portability inside and outside the home.

Wide Range of Accessories Available

Accessories like electric washing bidets, padded toilet seats, and foot pedal remotes ensure that your Lift-Seat will be customized for your physical needs and preferences. Shop our accessories here.

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