Beyond the Bathroom – Leading Lift Technology Now Available in All-Purpose Chair


Thousands of people rely on power toilet lift technology every day to help them safely and independently use the bathroom. The bathroom isn’t the only place people need help standing up, however. Individuals who need help getting off the toilet also need assistance standing up from any seated position, but there are currently very few lifting options that offer the versatility and reliability people need.

LiftSeat, the manufacturer of several leading power toilet lifts will soon be introducing a new product that will address this need, allowing people to enjoy a greater peace of mind at home or in the office. 


Versatile, Portable, & Reliable

The new LiftSeat All-Purpose Chair (patent pending) uses the same dependable lifting technology found in their award-winning toilet lift. Mounted on a study chair frame with locking caster wheels, this lift can be taken anywhere it’s needed – at home or to the office. It’s ability to operate with direct power or a battery adds additional flexibility, so you don’t need to be near an outlet to use it. 

The LiftSeat Chair can be customized to lift straight up and down or use a gentle arcing motion, depending on what the user prefers. The ability to customize motion path is important for people to maintain comfort and safety as their needs change over time.   

Why Consider a LiftSeat Chair?

Anyone with muscle weakness that makes standing up difficult can greatly benefit from this type of lifting chair. This includes not only individuals who need maximum support due to weakness, but also those who are starting to experience loss of strength. Using a standing aid like the LiftSeat Chair at the first sign of weakness greatly reduces fall risks. 

A recently published article pointed out a startling fact – that we start losing strength at a younger age than many of us may think. The authors report that, “After the age of 30, strength and endurance decrease by 10% per decade.”1 So, by the time we’re 60 – this means we may have lost nearly 1/3 of our strength. 

This loss of strength is a large contributing factor to in-home falls. “When strength, power, and endurance are decreased, a slip or trip can turn into a fall. Any lower limb disability can increase the risk of falling, and difficulty rising from a seated position in a chair is associated with an increased risk as well.”1

When someone can’t rely on their legs alone to stand up, they will reach out and try to pull or push themselves up using their arms. This can be dangerous for a few reasons. First, they also likely have upper body weakness and could easily lose their grip or have their arms give out. Second, if the item they are grabbing onto isn’t secure, it could shift or break under their weight. 

The LiftSeat Chair helps support the natural sit-to-stand motion, so that people with lower-limb weakness don’t need to strain to stand up. It also will not shift under the user’s weight, making it a much safer way for people to maintain their independence of movement.

Where Can a LiftSeat Chair Be Used?

This new lifting chair can be used virtually anywhere in a home or office. The locking wheels can be disengaged to easily move it from room to room and then easily locked again once the chair is in place. Here are a few places this chair can be used to aid standing up:

  • At the office: Designed to offer the same ergonomic benefits as modern office chairs, the LiftSeat Chair blends in perfectly to an office setting.  When in the seated position, it easily fits under standard desks.
  • In the dining room: A dining chair can be quickly replaced with the LiftSeat Chair to allow for comfortable dining and frustration-free assistance in getting up when the meal is finished.
  • In the bedroom: The LiftSeat Chair is a great option for people who need to sit down while getting dressed. Unlike standard chairs or beds, which are challenging to stand up from and often require a helping hand, a lifting chair can provide greater independence by allowing users to stand on their own.

If you are interested in learning more about the new LiftSeat All-Purpose Chair, call 1-877-665-4381 to speak with a specialist who can answer any questions you have and advise you on finding the seating solution that’s right for you. 


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This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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